Below you will find material from a few solo and collaborative sound projects I have been involved in these past few years.



A 17-minute set of "music" for the 3-day Minecraft rave known as CHADFEST2K20 in honor of DJCHAD turning 21!

DJCHAD( ´-ω・)︻┻┳══━一 · "SAM" @ CHADFEST2K20


A short release for Trash Panda QC's Casual Internet Party on Data Fruits. All sounds by myself all videos from various YouTubers linked in video description.


A track re-released on April 20th, 2020 for a compilation by the Nino Tomorrow Label benefitting Project HOME in Philadelphia.


Two tracks re-released for a compilation called Covid Collection: Week One by the Heavy Days label in Miami, FL.


DJ "Sam"


A short mix for WORKER

WORKER · WORKER003 💌 Heart_Goes_Out 💌 DJ "Sam"


Next Bus Pls

brass synth duo with Kwami Winfield

A track for NYC Noise Compilation. I sent Kwami a beat and they made it beautiful.


Recording of a jam in January of 2020.



just me again, mostly minimal club clip

video by Andrew Chadwick in early February at the hell known as Florida



harsh noise duo with SWEETZACH aka Change or alignmentchange

Recording of a jam in January of 2020.



free electroacoustic group featuring rotating members Anna Mortiz (acoustic bass), Re Chang (saw), Theo Thimo (vox), Zachary Gargulio (digital electronics), Erinn Buhyoff (sax/electronic), Danny Garfield (vox/weather machine), Sebastian Alacron Leon (digeridoo), Jonathan Marty (keyboard synth), and sometimes more or less

Recording of a practice session in Summer 2019.



solo clip pop. 2018-2019

Here is a track from an album I put out on Tall Tapes in April of 2019, it is called Miami Cannibal Attack.



casio collage band with Milly Cohen, Ray Alfonso, Maggie Gault, Misha Lukov, and sometimes more or less, with Cooper Carrington of I Hate It Here as a collaborator often

Here is a track from an album we put out through El cuarto elástico called What Doth Life? in April of 2018.


Here is some photo documentation from recent performances.

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performing in 4uarm for Noise Brunch 3 by Center for Psychic Technology at h0l0 on June 23rd, 2019 / shot by @auniqueting


some text

performing in duolingo (covering Wolf Eyes) at the Windjammer on Halloween 2019 / shot by Chloe Carrasco


some text

performing as 2uarm at the skinny apartment on February 25th, 2019 / shot by @theoriginalpaintedfaces


some text

performing in BOTTOM TEXT at the International Noise Conference in 2017 / shot by Walter Wlodarczyk